DECMA 2022

Conference at TipTop International Hotel, Pune | Date : 17th  & 18th September

DECMA in 2022 was a physical conference and was attended by over 450+ participants. This was held at Hotel TipTop International, Pune & online via MoneyControl, our Media Partner.


B. Krishnakumar

Trading Swing Patterns Using Pattern Counter

Raju Ranjan

Trading (Long) Options Objectively

Abhijit Phatak

Trading (Long) Options Objectively

Prashant Shah

Trading Swing Patterns Using Pattern Counter

Dr. Siddharth Warrier

Neuropsychology of market trading

Gaurav Sud

Income generation strategies (myths & realities)

Rakesh Pujara

Achieving stability, Consistency & scaling the business of trading

Dr. Navin Sood

OI & Noiseless charts. Trading as a business

Pathik Patel

Weekly Options Selling Using Iron Fly & its Adjustments

Biren Patel

The art and science of Renko-trading

Jitendder Singh

The Art of Not Losing Money

Kaushik Akiwatkar

Identifying swing opportunities using Renko chart (Multi-TF approach)

D. Prasad

Practical Applications of Trading Psychology & Behavioral Finance

Pradeep Singla

Adjustments in Options

Haresh Nagpal

A Different Way of Investing in Mutual Funds

Jay Vora

Finding Early Entry & Exit Strategies Using RMI

Praantik Panigrahi

Khul Ja Sim Sim (Secrets of programming the mind to achieve success!)

Abhijit Phatak

Options Talk with Raghunath Reddy

Raghunath Reddy

Options Talk with Abhijit Phatak

Prashant Shah

You, Me & Relative Strength