DECMA 2018

Conference at Lavasa International Convention Center, Pune | Date : 10th & 11th March

This was the first edition of DECMA, and we decided to host it at a picturesque location (Lavasa, 45 km from Pune). This was attended by almost 350 participants from all over India. There were many challenges in holding it at such a location, but everything went as per plan including transportation of all visitors from the Pune airport, railway station and bus stands all the way to the venue and back. The conference took place smoothly and on time.


Ankit Chaudhary

How to trade "Failed Breakouts"

Brijesh Bhatia

Heikin-Ashi Charts

Chandan Taparia

How to predict the probability of Derivative expiry move

D. Prasad

Spotting multi-bagger stocks through RSI

Dr. Prashant Mullick

On Volatility's Edge

Madan Kumar

Pros & Cons of Full-Time Trading

Mehul Bosamia

Price Patterns of a Guj Hand-written Book : "Vayda Bazar ni Chavi" by Kanti Kaka

Naresh Nambisan

Trade like a Monk

Rakesh Pujara

Trading Psychology for a Successful Trader

Rishi Umrania

Market Profile & The Super Mario Syndrome

Sriram Balasubramaniam

Evolution of a Trader

Vivek Gadodia

Money Management Techniques

Zafar Shaikh

Multi-bagger Stock - Techno Fundamental Analysis

Abhijit Phatak

What are the current Straddles & Strangles telling us about current markets

Prashant Shah

Connecting the Candles & Pointing to a Figure