Online Conference Date – 12th & 13th September

With the onset of the COVID pandemic in early 2020, DECNOCH was an online conference – E-DECNOCH and it was attended by thousands of participants. The sessions were conducted Live.


Abhijit Bhate

Trading Anchor column follow through for cash delivery as well as FNO

Arjun Tandon

5 Ways to Trade Straddles

K. Anant Rao

Emerging Patterns in P&F : Construction, Rules and Identification

Mukta Dhamankar

Options Trading with Multi-leg Charts

Pathik Patel

Trading Earnings Results with Options

Pritesh Mehta

Ratio & Breadth analysis


Long Position Repair System

Reyansh Upadhyay

Option selling Hedging techniques (Safety Over Greed)

Spandan Vyas

Expiry Day Option Selling

Vijay Thakker

Turtle Breakout

Vithal Shinde

High probable setup for positional trading --Fusion of candlestick and P&F

Raju Ranjan

Identifying and Trading Momentum In Stocks Or Indices

Raghunath Reddy

Put-Call Ratio (PCR) in Trading: New Insights

Abhijit Phatak

Trading Long Weekly Options Based On Noiseless Charts

B. Krishnakumar


Prashant Shah